Wednesday, 24 September 2008

First post

Lately I have noticed the plethora of excellent running blogs . I had a general blog but could never find the motivation to maintain it. So, why not create a blog on a subject you are interested in and might actually maintain? So here is the beginning of my contribution to running blogs out there.

The standard of writing in these blogs is surprisingly good and I hope mine might prove vaguely interesting. I recently completed a half marathon in Bristol and the Dublin half. I will write a report on each of these soon. In the meantime my first photo contribution is a picture of me participating in the Sheffield half marathon this year. I completed in a time of 1:30:13 a PB at the time.


Kim said...

If you want more photos you're going to have to subsidize your photographer's travel funds! :-D

Westley said...

Subsidise! How do I subsidise when I flat out pay for it? ;-)