Saturday, 19 September 2009


Today was my last long marathon pace run. Eighteen miles with fourteen at marathon pace. I had decided that I would knock marathon pace down to seven minute pace. I completed the fourteen miles in average mile splits of 06:55, with an average heart rate of 158. This would seem to indicate that I could go at least five or six seconds per mile faster and maintain it for a marathon, bringing me a sub three hour marathon! Somehow I have this nagging feeling that I would be setting myself up for a fall by interpreting this as a reasonable deduction of today's run.
I think that maybe a Yasso 800 session is required to give a clearer picture of what's possible next month. Next week's Dublin half marathon should help too.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Chi Running

I have decided I am going to try and learn the chi running method. In short this uses the principles of Tai Chi to make you a quicker, more efficient and injury free runner. I have purchased the eponymous book authored by the chap who has developed this form of running, Danny Dreyer.
From what I have read so far Chi Running is a combination of proprioception, physics and psychology to ensure a more natural mid-foot strike, using gravity and your core to provide the forward momentum for fast more efficient running. I have signed up for participation in a Chi Running workshop being delivered by Catherina McKiernan. I hope this proves to be half what it is claimed to be.