Sunday, 29 November 2009

Recovery complete?

This was my last recovery week and constituted thirty-five miles. My 'long run' this Sunday was eleven miles at a pace of 08:26 and an average HR of 141. This seems a little high and I wonder if there is some recovery required. However, the weather was foul. The park rangers were actually out and had placed 'road flooded' signs on Wellington road. When parts of the Phoenix park are flooded then you know the rain has been biblical.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Penultimate week

This week sees the completion of my penultimate recovery week before going into the up to seventy miles a week Pfitzinger & Douglas programme. The other two notable events of the week were completing a couple of runs in my new Nike Lunarglide shoes. So far so good. They definitely appear lighter than my Asics. I also signed up for the Aware 10k in December. I will incorporate this into my second week of spring marathon training. I should be in a good place for a new PB depending upon weather.

Monday, 9 November 2009


The title of this post represents the 'submission number' associated with my application for the Boston Marathon next April. The announcement on the homepage that few places remained forced me to bite the bullet. I do this with some trepidation. Firstly is the cost; it is $175 to register, never mind the travel and accommodation costs. Additionally, I could very well be in the midst of a new job search and assuming there will be any jobs to search for I fear I might find myself having to withdraw from Boston to do an interview.
Hopefully things will work out that mean I both get to compete in Boston and have some career prospects too!