Sunday, 28 February 2010


This week was a comparatively easy week. However, it did end with my longest training run to date, a twenty-two mile long slow run. Reviewing my earlier training I see that I have neglected my LSRs. I red recently that in a marathon training cycle your five longest runs should total 100 miles. This means I will need to slightly alter the schedule for the next few weeks to accommodate a few slightly longer LSRs. Below is a link to this week's LSR.

Mileage w/c 22 February: 58

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Monday, 22 February 2010

Small world

Thought I should provide an update on the training. The last two weeks have gone very well. However the week commencing 1 February was something of a washout. The first two sessions of that week went as scheduled but the end of the week and weekend was spent visiting friends in Barcelona.
More recently, I found myself running up Middle Abbey street on my way home from work and was incorporating my commute from work into my twelve mile run with seven miles at HM pace and I encountered another runner who struck up conversation. After swapping pleasantries and what each other was training for I reckoned there cannot be to many people who run twenty-four hour races on a track or do 100k mountain runs in Australia. He also looked vaguely familiar. When I got home a quick click of a link from this blog revealed that it was indeed John O'Regan I bumped into. John has completed some of the most extreme events in the world and has represented Ireland in international competition.
Back to the run, it was a tough session but all bar one of the seven miles at HM pace were in the 06:30s. It would be good to test myself in a half-marathon race before Boston but the half I had intended doing in Liverpool is proving potentially very expensive as a consequence pricey flights and accommodation.

W/C 15 February:71 (New weekly high)
W/C 8 February: 60
W/C 1 February: 18

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Interval recovery duration

Last week brought another new weekly mileage high of sixty-six miles. It was important to register two solid weeks of training after two disrupted weeks. This week's training included a Yasso 800 x6 session. The first two repeats were uphill along Phoenix Park's Chesterfield road and felt brutal; I have not done this kind of session in a few months and it showed. The final four intervals felt better and I registered an average interval time of 02:56. I am not sure how much benefit I get from Yasso sessions and I perhaps need to revise the recovery time of 03:00 to reap more rewards.

Weekly mileage w/c 25 Jan: 66 (New weekly high)