Saturday, 4 February 2012

Stats, half-marathons & 'Natty Boh'

Not much to report since my last post. I have been 'Hadding' away and have not seen much if any improvement in my steady state 80% runs (averaging out just south of 8:00 min/mi). However, this week I managed back to back one hour recovery runs at 74% MHR that exceeded seven miles, with respective average mile splits of 08:26 and 08:27. I am hoping this is a sign of a developing aerobic base and that while my 80% runs have not been getting faster I could maintain their pace for considerably longer.

I also signed up for a half-marathon, the 'Nippy Nor'easter', which takes place on the National Central Railroad trail. It's not a certified course and proceeds are in aid of the 'Back on my feet' charity. The registration fee of $28.50 is hard to beat and my ongoing unemployment means I am especially discriminating in what races I will do! I had planned on the B&A trail half marathon, which receives rave reviews; however, the race filled up quickly and at $50, while not expensive, was more than the 'Nippy'; maybe next year.

My wife received a new digital camera from her parents for Christmas. I took it with me on a run recently and below are some pictures from my usual running route.

 Pagoda at Patterson park, just across the road from our house

A view of Brewer's hill from the Pagoda. The building in the distance is the old National Bohemian brewery and the famous 'Natty Boh' on the roof, a caricature synonymous with 'Balmer'. 

First Mariner bank HQ at Canton and the start of the harbour boardwalk which constitutes the majority of my runs. 
 The Maryland Korean war memorial at Canton waterfront park

Domino sugar factory from the south east, frequently depicted in The Wire television series from the Harbour's opposite side. 

Historic Fell's point. This is a social part of town with lots of pubs and restaurants. Most of the buildings are from the 18th and 19th centuries - old for America I suppose. The building on the left is a now abandoned police station famous for being the police station depicted on the TV series, Homicide: life on the streets.

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Looks like a nice place to run Westley. Best of luck with the remainder of the HADD training and building up for Nippy.

Thanks Grellan. I somehow managed to 'reject' your comment so hence the cut and paste from my email.