Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Let the taper begin.

This week I begin the taper. The previous week ended with a sixteen mile run with ten miles at projected marathon pace. The splits of those ten miles averaged 06:44 with an average HR of 159. I was quite pleased with this, especially the HR. The Pfitzinger and Douglas schedule seems a little ambitious to me and I am considering shaving an additional ten per cent off each week, resulting in respective taper week mileage totals of fifty, thirty-eight and twenty-five miles.
I also received my number pick up card and welcome and instructions brochure this week, making it all seem much more real.

Mileage w/c 22 March: 56

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Corkman in Kenya

Interesting article about an Irish cleric who has trained some of Kenya's best runners. I wonder is his approach quite as unsophisticated as he says and if there something to be said for the Kalenjin lifestyle's influence on their success. Nurture over nature?

Sunday, 21 March 2010


I am now four weeks from Boston and feeling relatively good about things. I have not done any races in this training cycle, which is something new. I am unsure how this will affect me on the day. Hopefully it will make me more motivated and fresh.
My primary consideration at the moment is how to approach my taper. I miscalculated my Pfitzinger and Douglas programme and find myself with an additional week; I will use this as a chance to experiment and compose my own quasi initial taper week/additional training week. This week I completed sixty-five miles. Next week I will drop it to between fifty-five and sixty. The week after next is the beginning of the taper and mileage will reduce further. I am looking forward to the taper as my training is feeling a little flat and I feel a little tired. I am anticipating this is an ideal way to enter a taper, and that the taper will reap what I have sown over the last few bitterly cold months.

Mileage w/c 15 March: 65

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Training update

A brief update on training. Last week was a cutback week, which a weekend away and a cold and cough made more pronounced. The highlight of the week was a nineteen mile long slow run on Friday morning. The weather has been excellent in March.
The previous week included my longest marathon pace run; eighteen miles with fourteen miles at marathon pace, which translated as average splits of 06:43. I was tired at the end and wonder about maintaining this pace for an additional twelve miles but I am hoping a few more weeks of training and a taper will provide the required preparation.

Mileage w/c 8 March: 41
Mileage w/c 1 March: 70