Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cork City Marathon

On 1 June I competed in the Cork City Marathon. We got there in good time using the park and ride. It began on time and I was aiming for an average mile split of 07:03. It started at 9am but was already in twenty degrees. The first mile went be in 07:03. A little fast but I felt okay. After two miles I did not feel great. I just felt off and the legs felt heavy. After three miles I was beginning to slow down and by mile five I knew I would not break 03:05. I revised my goal to sub 03:10, which would still be a personal best.
However, I kept slowing down and by mile nine my average mile splits had deteriorated to 7:16, putting me outside PB pace with more than sixteen miles to go. During the thirteenth mile disaster struck. Approaching the crest of a small hill passing Blackrock castle I felt my right calf tighten and within a quarter of a mile my race was over - my first DNF.
I was very disappointed but not totally distraught. It has merely hardened my determination to do well at the Dublin Marathon and qualify comfortably for Boston. I've been to the physio twice and his treatment combined with strengthening and stretching exercises should help my running and prevent injury. I have not ran on it since and am not scheduled to do so until next week when I start the forty to fifty-five mile per week Pfitzinger and Douglas marathon programme.


Thomas said...

The fall-out rate in Cork was very high, and you're another one on that list. Do you think an electrolyte problem, mostly due to the heat, might have been the culprit?

Your goal had been quite ambitious, and with the temperatures on that day were never really achievable. Better luck in Dublin!

Westley said...

Yes on reflection my goal was unrealistic. I don't think it was an electrolyte deficiency. I took Viper with me but I think I was a little dehydrated before the race start and my warm up was inadequate.

Grellan said...

Hi Westley. I had a very similar experience in Cork - my first DNF and all due to a calf strain, although I had mine before the race and i only lasted 3 miles. This appears to be a regular problem with me so I have to concentrate on stretchng and shrenghtening exercises in the future. Dublin is probably my next target also with a sub 3:10 on the cards hopefully. Best of luck with the Pfitz plan.