Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Chi Running

I have decided I am going to try and learn the chi running method. In short this uses the principles of Tai Chi to make you a quicker, more efficient and injury free runner. I have purchased the eponymous book authored by the chap who has developed this form of running, Danny Dreyer.
From what I have read so far Chi Running is a combination of proprioception, physics and psychology to ensure a more natural mid-foot strike, using gravity and your core to provide the forward momentum for fast more efficient running. I have signed up for participation in a Chi Running workshop being delivered by Catherina McKiernan. http://www.catherinamckiernan.com/ I hope this proves to be half what it is claimed to be.


Thomas said...

That's funny, because I got that very book from out local library a couple of weeks ago, and I'm reading it right now.

Some of the things in it I buy, others I don't. Since I haven't got injured in years I don't see the need to change my own style, but others have had good results that way.

Westley said...

I reckon alot of it is just good ole fashioned science embellished with 'spirituality', but if it delivers results they can claim what they like as far as I care!