Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I have not blogged in a while so I feel a short update is in order. Training has been going really well. Following the race that never was I logged fifty-five miles in my endurance base phase for Boston. Last week I completed fifty-seven miles, which is my highest weekly mileage total ever.
However, that week was a battle against the ice. I was down in Cork for Christmas and managed to log the necessary miles despite travel, other commitments and perhaps most of all ice. It was bitterly cold and the country's bankrupt state as a consequence of individuals' abdication of responsibility and political leadership that facilitated it for electoral reasons, mean the councils have no money to salt or grit roads. Consequently, on Sunday I slipped and landed on my arse. Yes, I am blaming the credit and property crash for my fall ;-)
Before coming a cropper I saw a car do a 360 degree turn in front of a bus coming in the other direction. Thankfully no collision occurred. When I took my fall, the ice was so thick on the pathway that I slid slowly across the pathway's entire width. I thought about packing in it then but decided to proceed with the remaining fourteen miles by going up and down the same one mile stretch of pathway that was largely ice free.

Mileage w/c 21 December: 57

Mileage w/c 14 December: 55

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