Monday, 3 May 2010

Boston 2010 postscript

I thought it might be worthwhile, for posterity, to write a brief postscript for Boston. Immediately below are the splits.

This is a photo of the lead runners at mile seventeen. (All photos should be credited to Kim Forsythe, aka the missus)

Ryan Hall flying through mile seventeen. He had fallen back some what at this point but rallied extremely well and closed down the leading pack during the Newton Hills.

This is me passing the famous Citgo sign, which indicates less than two miles remaining.

Reviewing the Pfitzinger & Douglas 55-70 schedule I followed and my training log I found that I had completed only three marathon paced runs in preparation for Boston. This really is not enough and my draft amended P&D programme for the next marathon has a marathon paced run every other weekend. This draft schedule has also dropped the short intervals and replaced them with Yasso 8oos. I will also aim to complete more races during this cycle; during the previous cycle I completed no races.



A Half marathon 4 weeks out from your target marathon would be a good ideal.
Long progression runs are really important to get your body and mind used to the increasing effort required to maintain pace in the closing miles of a marathon.
Keep working at it, that sub 3 will come :]

Westley said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rick. I consider Boston a very worthwhile delay to achieving a sub 3 marathon. I think you are very right about the progression runs. Had scheduled to do Liverpool half before Boston but life and hotel & flight costs got in the way.