Friday, 19 November 2010

New Year and new (escape) plans

Four weeks now since the Dublin marathon and I am slowly getting back to peak mileage. This week I should hit fifty miles - about fifteen to twenty short of peak marathon training mileage. December might prove a difficult month, being in the US for much of it for work and holidays. However, I would be disappointed not to squeeze in fifty miles per week for the three weeks I am there.
I am essentially trying to maintain base fitness and some sharpness but I have not entered into or devised any explicit marathon training schedule. I am unable to commit to any spring marathon just yet; my uncertain employment situation in the New Year and plans to emigrate from what is now a protectorate of the European Commission and International Monetary Fund mean I cannot commit to any, either here or overseas.
So, the New Year will see me concentrate on shorter distances I think; local 10ks perhaps that I can sign up to on the day or with only a few weeks' notice. It's difficult holding back on entering full training when you have no race you are committed to but might be a good time to experiment or perhaps follow a 10K training plan with a nominal race date in mind.

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