Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brief update

A quick update on training progress as measured by the key quality sessions.

Thursday 17 March: Thirteen miles with nine marathon paced miles at an average mile split of 06:35 and average heart rate of 162bpm for the marathon paced miles.

Friday 25 March: Thirteeen and a half miles with ten marathon paced miles with average splits of 06:34 and an average HR of 162bpm for those miles.

Travel for work to Cyprus this week required me to can the scheduled tempo Tuesday run. However, a nice seven miles along Cyprus's southern Mediterranean coast in the sunshine was a nice alternative!

In other news, I eventually bit the bullet and registered for the Belfast marathon.

This morning's eighteen mile long slow run, incorporating a number of miles along the Royal Canal way was a nice change from the usual route. However, the local savages' impression that setting a cat on fire and leaving the poor creature's petrol stenched remains on the canal side is an appropriate Saturday night activity took a little from the experience; something that living in D7, D15 renders an unsurprising occurrence.

1 comment:

Scott Brown said...

Jesus Westly!

Poor bloody cat! Just last week while out on a run I saw a severed pigeon's head and pretty sure it didn't just fall off!

Good to see training going well.