Monday, 25 July 2011

Druid Hill Park

The second Week of my Pfitzinger and Douglas up to seventy miles per week schedule went pretty well. However, Sunday morning's sixteen mile run with eight at projected marathon pace was changed to a long slow run. The build up to all this was a series of general runs at marathon pace plus 15 to 25 per cent and two short recovery runs.
I decided as Sunday's would be a long slow run in high temperatures I better introduce a new route. This would take me via the historic Mount Vernon district and into Druid Hill Park. The first two miles from Patterson Park to the inner harbour are primarily downhill, then the next two and a half miles though Mount Vernon are uphill to the park entrance. The hills do not end there. The park perimeter is entirely hills with very little flat sections; you are either going down or up steep hills. A benefit of the section of the park is the thick tree cover, especially on the west and north perimeter, very welcome when temperatures are over 90F/32C.

I had hoped to supply my own pictures of the run; however, losing the camera cable of my very old digital camera in the move, and continued unemployment preventing me buying a new camera means the two snaps below of Mount Vernon and Druid Hill Park, come respectively, courtesy of and wikipedia. The street in the centre of the first picture is North Eutaw steet runnng north to the Druid Hill Park entrance. It's a very nice street and reminds you of the European influence on America's older cities.

Mount Vernon

Druid Hill Park

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