Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hadd update and second 2400 test

I completed my second 2400 test this morning and below is how the results between the first and second compare. 

19 January 2012
1.49m - 13:43(9:12/m) - 136bpm avge
1.49m - 12:30(8:23/m) - 145bpm avge
1.49m - 11:10(7:29/m) - 154bpm avge  
1.49m - 10:07(6:47/m) - 163bpm avge
1.49m - 9:20(6:15/m) - 174bpm avge

2 December 2011
1.49m - 13:37(9:08/m) - 134bpm avge
1.49m - 12:39(8:29/m) - 144bpm avge
1.49m - 11:19(7:35/m) - 156bpm avge
1.49m - 10:23(6:58/m) - 165bpm avge
1.49m - 9:28(6:21/m) - 172bpm avge

A bit disappointed but not surprised. Interestingly and disappointingly the difference between the second and third intervals remains fifty-four seconds min/mi. The fourth interval provides some encouragement, being eleven seconds min/mi faster for two bpms less.

Not sure what to make of it but I will continue for another few weeks on the Hadd approach; I will abandon it if I do not see significant improvement in the pace of my sub LT runs in the next three weeks. Notwithstanding what I do in the future I think there's a benefit to keeping the pace of recovery and long runs below 75% MHR. 

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