Sunday, 23 August 2009

The flu and marathon schedules do not like each other

The flu put paid to much of this week's scheduled mileage. Thursday evening, Friday and most of Saturday saw me confined to my bed. I decided I would try and pull off my sixteen mile long run with twelve at MP. Well, one mile into my MP phase and I felt terrible. My heart, lungs and legs were saying it was fine but my stomach, GI tract and head were screaming whoa!! A mile and a half into the MP the way I felt indicated my HR was in the 170s; I looked at my watch, which revealed a HR of 148! Now I knew I was not going to finish this run. I struggled on a MP for another half mile and called it quits and hauled my sorry frame back at nine minute mile pace with a HR in the low 120s but felt like it was in the 150s. I should be thankful the flu did not incapacitate me for longer, next week should see normal service resumed.

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Thomas said...

I hope it's not swine flu.

Whatever it is, take time to recover. There's no point at all in running when feeling like that, you're just going to delay recovery.