Sunday, 18 October 2009

92 per cent

One week to go before the marathon. Reviewing my Pfitzinger & Douglas training plan demonstrates that I completed 92 per cent of the prescribed mileage. The completion of the programme's final week might push that towards 93 per cent. Overall I was very good about following the programme with interruptions in three weeks accounting for not completing 100 per cent. Two of these weeks were justified with illness accounting for one and a very heavy week of travel for work accounting for another. The third week had no excuse, it was my naughty week. Next week I will need to be dilligent about eating well and sleeping as much as I can and then hoping the conditions are good for a good performance on 26 October.


Grellan said...

The work is done Westley. That's a very good % strike rate. Enjoy the extra rest the coming week will bring and lets hope for perfect running weather in 8 days.

I don't know about me achieving a negative split but stranger things have happened.

bricey said...

sounds like the prep went well. Best of luck on Monday

Westley said...

Many thanks Bricey. Have you found a marathon this side of Christmas to compete in?

bricey said...

no .. thionk I'll settle for the half in Waterford.

Not long now!!! Good luck


Westley said...

Thanks Brendan. The no parking signs at Merrion Square made it all a bit more real.