Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Chi Running workshop

Last saturday I did a Chi Running workshop run by Catherine McKiernan. It took place in Castleknock hotel, which is in actual fact no where near Castleknock. I took the number thirty-nine bus to Clonsilla and had to run the last mile to get there in time. According to Mapmyrun the hotel is just over five mile from Smithfield. In short I should have ran there, it would have been at least twenty minutes quicker than getting the bus. The circutuitous and irrational route taken by the bus demonstrates yet again that CIE is a benevolent society run at taxpayers' expense for the benefit of its management and employees.
Okay, rant over. The workshop was very interesting and began with an overview of Chi Running principles. Then we went outside and were videod running. After lunch we went through more drills and viewed the running videos taken of each of the ten workshop participants. This was very interesting and while I am now striking midfoot rather than heel striking it was worthwhile to see what I was doing incorrectly, especially with my upper body.
Hopefully, the drills we went through and a better insight into and understanding of Chi Running will improve my running. It really is something that will take months to properly ingrain.
An additional bonus was to listen to and be instructed by a world class athlete like Catherina McKiernan.

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