Thursday, 11 February 2010

Interval recovery duration

Last week brought another new weekly mileage high of sixty-six miles. It was important to register two solid weeks of training after two disrupted weeks. This week's training included a Yasso 800 x6 session. The first two repeats were uphill along Phoenix Park's Chesterfield road and felt brutal; I have not done this kind of session in a few months and it showed. The final four intervals felt better and I registered an average interval time of 02:56. I am not sure how much benefit I get from Yasso sessions and I perhaps need to revise the recovery time of 03:00 to reap more rewards.

Weekly mileage w/c 25 Jan: 66 (New weekly high)


Grellan said...

No wonder you find it hard to get 6minute mile pace in your YASSO 800's when your running them up hill. At least the track is flat.

To be quite honest intervals, whether 800's or miles, are far tougher on the road than the track.

Westley said...

Aside from the gradient, I had not realised track intervals were easier than road. I wonder are track or road intervals a better indication of likely marathon performance-if either.

John O'Regan said...

Hi Westley,
Nice meeting you on Friday and was hoping you lived further west:) Will keep a look out for you next time I'm running home.