Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fifth week of Hanson

Fifty-five miles the week beginning 31 January with a nice consistency on previous weeks' efforts. Tuesday's intervals session produced five 1000m repeats at between 06:03 and 06:12 min/mile pace. If can maintain this sort of pace for a full 10k it will produce a new person best.
The wind significantly affected Thursday's marathon pace session. It was blowing a gale but I managed average mile splits of 06:53 and working in accordance with heart rate worked well.
All this training should have a focus but my situation makes it difficult to commit to any particular event. Recently, however, I took a peek at the Belfast marathon site and was attracted to both the comparatively cheap price and the ability to register quite late. I had also considered the inaugural Kildare marathon but despite its proximity to where I live it would actually be significantly cheaper to travel to Belfast. Additionally, Belfast is a well established race and is apparently well organised. So, I still have not registered for a spring marathon but if I do any Belfast will likely be it.


ElmerM said...

Thanks for the advice, do you think it may be worth trying to condense that 12 week programme into 6 but taking out the taper week... it's something like that I was bouncing around with Grellan. That would allow me to use a programme where the longest run was actually my marathon (if you know what I mean) so a 12 week programme with a taper would actually really be a 9 week programme and I would just have to throw myself into week 3 (that's what I'm thinking at the moment).

Westley said...

If you've got a decent aerobic base that might be a good approach. I would definitely have a two week taper, even if it's a slightly larger volume than prescribed. I find the most important workouts are the long slow runs and marathon paced runs. I would prioritise those if you have to sacrifice others. Good luck! It's a good learning opportunity.

ElmerM said...

Thanks man, I think that's the formula all right. I'll make judgement calls along the way and learn from the experience. As the Chinees say, 'may you live in interesting times'