Saturday, 27 August 2011

Tempo fail

Of late the temperatures and humidity had declined a little and I was looking forward to knocking out a nice tempo session at close to true tempo pace. Tempo sessions are always really tough and I am always a little apprehensive about them, especially so for this session as I considered it a good fitness barometer
I set off and the first two miles were the warm up. I entered the first tempo mile of five tempo miles not feeling the best. In short, this session was a fail. The respective splits were 06:58, 06:59, 07:16, 06:54 and 07:38. I bailed about two thirds through the last mile. I felt pretty bad throughout. There was no life in the legs and my heart rate rarely exceeded 164, which I consider marathon effort, never mind tempo. However, the splits were twenty to forty seconds slower than marathon pace.
Very ticked off. What I concluded from this debacle is that trying to reach tempo pace at even the comparatively lower temperatures of 70F/21 is a no go. Furthermore, I am now almost certain I have what Jeff Galloway describes as sustained heat fatigue, the consequence of going too fast in high heat and humidity. I had been taking forty-five to sixty seconds off my mile split times but will now increase this to ninety to 120 seconds. Hopefully this will have me feeling better in a week or so, and who knows, maybe I'll be able to train in reasonable temperatures and without the need for gills!


Brian said...

It was super humid on Saturday. (I'm about 1.5hrs north of Baltimore.) One of the least enjoyable runs I've ever had.

Hopefully we've only got a couple more weeks of this! (And at least temps are down this week so far.)

Westley said...

I hope so! The lesson learned is that next summer I will attempt to buy teporary gym membership so that I can do at least three runs a week indoors.

Scott Brown said...

I know what you're talking about Westley. Humidity is a different animal indeed!

Ran at 6am around the streets of Taipei the other week and almost died, really. Well felt like I would!