Friday, 9 December 2011

Not rockin' my world

Regular readers of this blog will possibly know I am not keen on the 'Rock n' Roll' marathon concept. Disclaimer: I have never run one and so cannot comment authoritatively; their their prices mean I will never have the opportunity. However, I had always thought they were well organised events for what they were; well the Las Vegas marathon last week was a disaster of epic proportions: CEO and his wife win their age division group with implausible times; mass food poisoning; incorrect medals and people passing out from overcrowding. A news report outlines some of the problems and the Facebook page is alive with recriminations.

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Brian said...

I've never done an RnR, either. I've heard good things about them, but between the high prices and the closest one being the Philly RnR half, which is in a month (September) in which I probably wouldn't sign up for a long race out of fear of the heat(I do long runs in the summer, but I'd hate to sign up for a longer race where I'm not in control of start times, course, etc.), I may end up never running one. I thought Philly, w/25,000 runners instead of 19,000, was noticeably more crowded and that kind of robbed me of my desire to run a really huge marathon like NYC or one of the RnR events.

It's too bad about the Vegas Marathon, though, that's the one RnR event that I'd really love to do someday just because I think running the strip at night would be cool. Hopefully they get it fixed.