Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Let the taper begin.

This week I begin the taper. The previous week ended with a sixteen mile run with ten miles at projected marathon pace. The splits of those ten miles averaged 06:44 with an average HR of 159. I was quite pleased with this, especially the HR. The Pfitzinger and Douglas schedule seems a little ambitious to me and I am considering shaving an additional ten per cent off each week, resulting in respective taper week mileage totals of fifty, thirty-eight and twenty-five miles.
I also received my number pick up card and welcome and instructions brochure this week, making it all seem much more real.

Mileage w/c 22 March: 56



Check out this link on Bill Rogers and how to run Boston

Thomas said...

Whatever you do, don't make the 2 mistakes I did:

1) Don't run the early downhill miles to quickly,. They might feel easy, but they still shred your quads.

2) Don't get carried away running through the scream tunnel at Wellesley.

Westley said...

Rick, thanks for the link. Sounds like self-discipline will be really important and not allowing the occasions to influence your decision making.

Thomas, the plan is to go out for the first 15-16 miles at 06:44 and hand on for the last ten as best I can. I've run 06:44 or faster for my marathon pace runs and I am hoping with a taper and a downhill profile this should feel relatively comfortable-I hope.