Sunday, 21 March 2010


I am now four weeks from Boston and feeling relatively good about things. I have not done any races in this training cycle, which is something new. I am unsure how this will affect me on the day. Hopefully it will make me more motivated and fresh.
My primary consideration at the moment is how to approach my taper. I miscalculated my Pfitzinger and Douglas programme and find myself with an additional week; I will use this as a chance to experiment and compose my own quasi initial taper week/additional training week. This week I completed sixty-five miles. Next week I will drop it to between fifty-five and sixty. The week after next is the beginning of the taper and mileage will reduce further. I am looking forward to the taper as my training is feeling a little flat and I feel a little tired. I am anticipating this is an ideal way to enter a taper, and that the taper will reap what I have sown over the last few bitterly cold months.

Mileage w/c 15 March: 65

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