Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Training update

A brief update on training. Last week was a cutback week, which a weekend away and a cold and cough made more pronounced. The highlight of the week was a nineteen mile long slow run on Friday morning. The weather has been excellent in March.
The previous week included my longest marathon pace run; eighteen miles with fourteen miles at marathon pace, which translated as average splits of 06:43. I was tired at the end and wonder about maintaining this pace for an additional twelve miles but I am hoping a few more weeks of training and a taper will provide the required preparation.

Mileage w/c 8 March: 41
Mileage w/c 1 March: 70



Sounds like your well on the way to breaking 3 kours this time.
Marathon pace always feels harder in training that racing, so your 14 miles at 6.43 pace is pretty good :]

Westley said...

Yep, hoping the taper and race day adrenaline will take me through in under three. Weather might be a significant determinant of what I can achieve. It seems very changeable and winds are likely that time of year.