Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hail Mary

Having registered for Dublin in another attempt to go sub three I needed to determine how I would approach the three weeks between Koln and Dublin. I have settle on the following.

Week 1 now complete
Thursday four miles easy, Saturday six miles easy and Sunday ten miles easy. This week went pretty well and feel good but I think anything south of eight minute miles might be a different story!

Week 2
Tuesday eight miles with 100m x 8. Wednesday twelve miles easy. Thursday 6 miles easy. Friday ten miles with five at tempo pace. I will feel my way through this workout and bail if needed. Sunday fourteen miles, giving a weekly total of fifty-two miles.

Week 3
Tuesday six miles easy. Wednesday six miles with two miles at marathon pace. Friday six miles easy.

I am unsure if this will provide the balance between recovery and maintenance of sharpness. Hoping to get under three at Dublin is a bit of a hail Mary pass but worth a shot.


bricey said...

Add in a few Our Fathers and a sub 2:50 may be on the cards!

Grellan said...

You may need more than one "Hail Mary". Watching with interest.