Sunday, 17 October 2010

The test

This week, the second week of the three weeks between Koln and Dublin, totalled fifty miles. The main test this week was the ten miles on Saturday with five miles at tempo pace.
I approached this workout with a little trepidation, but if you are not a little apprehensive about a tempo workout then you are not doing then fast enough. It went surprisingly well and the tempo splits were as follows 6:10, 6:23, 6:24, 6:25, 6:11. The first was a bit fast, especially as it was slightly uphill. Normally the first tempo mile is the toughest and slowest, which conditions my willingness to hurt a little more in the first mile as I settled into the pace. Usually this results in a 06:3X split. The later than normal start for this workout might explain the fast time; I usually do this session on Friday morning at 06:30, rather than 10:00am on Saturday.
So far so good, but five miles at tempo is one thing but sixteen miles into a marathon might be a little different!


ElmerM said...

Thanks a mil. Best of luck with your adventures. Looking good!

John O'Regan said...

Good consistent training, you can do it!

All the best for Monday.

Westley said...

John, Elmer, thanks for the good wishes. I will go out at 06:45/6 mile splits and see how long before the wheels come off!

Paudie said...

The very best of luck on Monday. Will be looking out for you with fingers crossed. Like your Koln report. Might give it a go sometime. For now best of luck yourself.

Paudie said...

Westley. Just checked today’s results and all I can say is well done. Delighted for you. Brilliant.
Koln is just a distant memory now.

Westley said...

Thanks Paudie. I aim to write a blog on it in the next forty-eight hours.